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Best Income At Home |
Best Income At Home Ebook Collection

Best Income At Home Ebook Collection

best income at home

Now You Have The Opportunity To Grab The Whole Knowledge Of The Internet Marketing In These Ebooks!

Read Them, Apply Them, And Watch Your Profits Explode Through The Roof!

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From The Desk Of
Mike Stanlick

Dear Internet Friend,

If you arrived on this page you are definitely interested in Internet Marketing. Either you are already making money online or you are trying now to involve in this adventure, the following ebook collection will help you to understand how the system works and how other people are making a living from the Internet.

A lot of people, including myself, have learned how to make money online from this kind of ebooks and I assure you that purchasing these books you will get the necessary knowledge to start earning an income at home.

You could spend time and money to find all these products and buy them one by one by yourself, (which I did, and I cannot tell you the time and the money I spent.) I’ve managed to put together this package for you. All I have discovered useful related to Internet Marketing and all what helped me to start making money online from home is synthetized in these ebooks.

And on top of that, I am able to bring them to you at a significant price. Buying all of these products could cost hundreds of dollars, and dozens of valuable hours to track them all down, as I already did, but you’ll spend a fraction of the time and money getting all these products together now.

I tried to cover in these ebooks everything is related to Internet Marketing, (at least what I found so far), and what helped me to make money online. Of course, it took me about two years to synthetize and to assimilate all this information, but now you have the opportunity to get it all at once.

I will assume that you are at the beginning of your trip through the Internet Marketing Secrets, and I will reveal you what contains each of the books in my collection. I didn’t do it in the same order when I started my online venture, but in time I realized that these are the steps that I should have followed, and, believe me, I would have saved a lot of time doing so. So, here are the main steps you should folllow.

You should know first what is the Internet Marketing and if you really can make money with it. And here you have it.
introducing internet marketing
Then you should be able to make the difference between Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, although they are pretty much the same. In plain english, an Internet marketer is that person who sells something on the Internet, be it his own product or someone else’s product, and an affiliate marketer is the one who sells exclusively someone else’s product online in exchange of a comission.

If you ask me, I advise you to be an Internet marketer, to build your own online business, but in the mean time to be an affiliate marketer too. That is why you should also know how Affiliate Marketing works.
introducing affiliate marketing
You will then have to decide what kind of product or products you should sell online, either as affiliate or your own products. This is what in Internet marketing language is called a niche. Again, if you ask me, I would advise you to pick up a niche where you have knowledge, most of all if you are passioned about it, i.e. fishing. Here you have the right guidance for that.
introducing niche marketing
In the mean time you will pretty soon realize that there are some “hot” niches online, that people are generally most interested in. For example there are many more people interested in weight loss diets, acne cure, fitness, than people that are interested in collecting stamps or bookends.

You can identify the “hot” niches by discovering how to make a proper keyword research. This will be helpful for identifying useful keywords when picking up a domain name, writing an article or a post blog, etc. Here is what you need.
introducing keyword research
Now that you know how Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing work, you should also know that in order to promote a product in whatever niche you selected, you will need a website, where Internet surfers can come and see what you are offering. This is the online substitute for a brick and mortar store.

The same rules as offline are applied and in the online version. In order to expose your product on a website, you need to rent the place where you will develop the activity. In Internet terms, you will need a web host. You will discover that there are free versions and paid versions, but, if you ask me, the paid versions are safer. Read more details here.
introducing web hosting basics
Now you have your web host. What’s next? How will you expose your stuff? You need to paint the store, to put the shelves, to make it attractive. This is what we call web design and you have here all you need to know.
introducing web design basics
You will also realize pretty soon that you can also use blogs to promote your products. Initially, the so called web logs were ment to be a kind of online diary, but slowly they started to replace the websites and become a source of money themsleves. anyway, they help a lot in promoting the websites, so you should go deeper with this matter.
introducing blogging basics
Like everything online, there are several blogging platforms, and some of them are more performant than others. The one which is the most complete and serves best to your interests is, in my opinion, (and not only mine), WordPress. Here is what you need to know about WordPress.
introducing wordpress basics
Ok, we suppose that by now we have our own web hosting account, our own website and/or blog, so the store is ready. What about the product? As for affiliate marketing activity the things are clear, we need to find a product to sell and to cash our comission. As for the Internet marketing activity, here comes the funny part.
introducing product creation
I can hear now voices that say: “I will never be able to write a book!” or “I don’t have time for that!” Well, don’t despair, you can always outsource this task, pay someone to do it, or, even better, buy one already written. Is that possibil? Of course! Read on!
introducing plr profits
You have the website and the product now. What next? Now comes the magic, the unique sale proposition. You need to entice the visitors of your store to buy your product. How do you do that? How you can create a sales page that really sells your product? This is what we are calling copyriting and here is what you need to know about it.
introducing copyriting basics
Well, we have almost everything now. We have the store, we have the design, we have the product, we have the unique sales proposition, but we have no visitors. In the offline world, the store is on a street where people are walking and the interested ones come in and buy what you are offering. But in the online world, you are invisible, unless you attract your visitors. You need to guide the web surfers to your website, to generate the traffic to your website instead of waiting for them to come by themselves. I mean this!
introducing traffic generation
There is a huge variety of traffic generation methods, some of them free, some other paid, but considering that the web surfers are guided, according to the keywords they tipe in into tyhe search boxes, by the search engines to the websites they consider relevant, we consider that search engine optimization, SEO, should be the first thing we should have in mind.
introducing seo basics
You will discover that search engines apply some algorithms to order the websites in relevants and non-relevants to certain keywords, and of course, to establish an ierarchy between the relevant sites. This algorithms are changing all the time, but a thing that will always be important will be the number of links you have to your website to other websites and ther quality. This is what we call backlinking.
introducing backlinking basics
You will also discover that quality backlinks you can take from certain sites, mostly from the so called interacting sites, where people gather and share impressions, ideas, etc. More about this here.
introducing social bookmarking
Apart from simply bookmarking your website on these interacting sites in order to gather backlinks, you can also marketing your products directly on certain sites, and this is how you can do it.
introducing social media marketing
Another method to get free vistors is to use RSS. Stating for “Real Simple Sindication”, this is a method of sharing content from your site to established platforms where readers can find you easier. This is how it can be made.
introducing rss basics
One of my favorites methods, (and the most efficent I consider), of gaining backlinks and visitors in the same time is article marketing. Publishing articles in Internet article directories will gain you expert recognition too among other things. Is it hard? Find out here.
introducing article marketing
Pretty much as article marketing can be considered and the video marketing. We all know what Youtube became these days. Find out here how it can be done and where.
introducing video marketing
As for paid methods of traffic generation, the most known is the PPC method(pay per click). AdWords from Google became synonim with PPC although Google it’s not the only one search engine that offers PPC opportunities. Here is what you need to know about it.
introducing google adwords
Facebook is considered the last trend online and considering its huge traffic and the facilities they are offering to marketers, it’s a good idea to try your luck there. They even have their own version of PPC advertising.
introducing facebook marketing
“Is that all?” will you say. No, not even closer. There are different methods of monetizing your websites and blogs, like publishing ads from advertisers on your web pages. The most known method is AdSense, also Google’s propriety.
introducing google adsense
Is that all? No! here comes the most powerful method of making money online, creating your own list of customers. In marketing terms, we call this list building, and all the marketers aggree that this is the most powerfull tool in the marketing arsenal. Discover it here.
introducing list building
I will stop here, although I am not at the end of the list. The rythm that the Internet marketing is growing is fantastic. Every day new things are coming up and you must keep up with them if you want to outcome your competition. I struggled to give you the basics of the Online Marketing. The rest will come by itself once you start.

You will ask now: “What’s in it for me?” Well, I would say that everything. Mastering this information will help you not only to start online, but also to be successful. It’s not a secret that 97% of those who start an online business are failing, and the reason is the lack of knowledge.

Like in every other aspect of life, the one who has the knowledge has the power. And you have the opportunity to have the knowledge, and the price is very small comparing with the value of this information.

My Best Income At Home Ebook Collection normally sells for $47.77, but as part of my “Finally getting this on the internet” sale, I’m willing to give you an instant $37.77 rebate. So, you can get your own copy of my Ebook Collection for only $10!

Even if it’s 2:00 am you can download your purchase instantly!

Here’s to you, and your new extremely successful onlin venture!

Warmest Regards,
Mike Stanlick

PS – You can always contact me here:

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